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For Tomorrow's Creative Business Leaders

Led by pioneering designer and CEO Maria Giudice, Hot Studio helps teams and leaders discover their own path to success.

MBA meets MFA
Hot Studio is ideal for business leaders looking to unlock creativity, and creative leaders navigating the business side of the business world.
All love. No BS.
Once described as "where tough meets love," Maria's approach cuts to the core of issues standing in the way of teams and leaders.
Authentic leadership
Maria helps you meet the challenges facing you and your team by focusing on your unique strengths and abilities.
Our Services
Designed as an ongoing process of transformation, Hot offers 1:1 executive coaching, as well as small group coaching for teams and peers.
A crowd favorite at conferences like TEDx and Mind the Product, Maria's talks draw on her 30+ years at the forefront of business and design.
Maria and an extended network of creative leaders create a fun, safe environment for teams to explore new ideas.
Latest updates
We are witnessing a time of unprecedented change. But rising from our collective grief and loss, we can begin to see sparks of creativity that are leading to new possibilities in life. And guiding us through this transition is a new breed of leader, the Changemaker.
July 21, 2020
Maria Giudice, founder of Hot Studio, former design executive at Facebook and Autodesk, joins us for a whirlwind discussion of her career, design leadership, and coaching.
July 1, 2020
Maria founded Hot Studio, a design consultancy that was acquired by Facebook in 2013. After leaving Facebook, she served as VP of Design at Autodesk. In this conversation, Maria reveals how she found her purpose, and shares with us the exciting next stage of her career.
February 16, 2020
qoute-icon Maria has been an invaluable Design Mentor to Opendoor. During a period of rapid growth and change, Maria coached our designers, improved our processes, elevated design culture, and served as an amazing thought partner. qoute-icon
Ian Wong, Cofounder, CTO at Opendoor
qoute-icon Maria's clear and direct communication style, coupled with extensive design and business experience, allows her to articulate frameworks and strategies that clarify desired outcomes, set expectations and get results. qoute-icon
Christopher Brown, Senior Product Manager at RefleXion Medical
qoute-icon Maria is a hard worker. She’s honest, beautiful and creative. She’s my daughter. qoute-icon
Carol Frazzetta, Executive Chef of Carol’s Cafe, Author of "Kitchen Bitch", and Mother

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