When your team's at a turning point, Hot Studio workshops provide a loving dose of confidence, focus, and inspiration.

Whether it's defining a new product or articulating a new mission, Hot Studio workshops help teams navigate key inflection points.

When everyone feels safe to share, workshops can be an incredibly powerful space for collaboration.

With safety, inclusion, and fun as the basis for every workshop, Hot Studio can lead your team through a number of exercises including:
Strategic planning
Leading change
Identifying your quality bar
Team vision and voice
Giving and receiving feedback
qoute-icon Maria's leadership experience and entrepreneurial perspective helped us address head-on issues with the C-suite to address tough problems that come with putting two different cultures together. qoute-icon
Shagane Barsegian Launey, VP of Product and Brand, Hanley Wood
qoute-icon Maria took time to learn about my team and our unique needs. She was very open to co-creating an agenda that resonated with our group. Everyone found the workshops valuable and continue to cite many of Maria’s insights and suggestions. qoute-icon
Suzanne Ginsburg, Head of Design and Research, Uber Freight

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