Years of wisdom, condensed into convenient book form.

Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design
by Maria Giudice, Christopher Ireland
In times of change, the most effective leaders harness the transformative power of design. We call these heroes of modern business DEOs—Design Executive Officers.

Just as MBAs and the military formed the 20th century CEO, design will model our future leader, the DEO.

These new leaders excel in unpredictable, fast-moving and value-charged conditions. They are catalysts for transformation and agents of change. A hybrid of strategic business executive and creative problem-solver, the DEO looks at every problem as a design challenge.

Rise of the DEO shows how and why leaders can adopt this new role. Intimate conversations with leading DEOs explore the mindsets, communities, processes and practices common to creative business leaders.

Readers will learn to identify these skills in themselves and their colleagues, and discover how to build, revive or reinvent their organization for whatever comes next.
qoute-icon A new kind of leader is emerging whose attributes are energetically described in Rise of the DEO … an inspirational and accessible code-base for effective leadership in the 21st century. qoute-icon
Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, Author of Change by Design

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