Feb 01, 2007

UMC.org Wins Innovation Awards from Kintera

UMC.org won a Trophy for “Most Creative Website Rebranding,” and a Certificate of Achievement for “Most Innovative User of Kintera Sphere.” The awards were presented at this year's Kintera User Conference sponsored by Kintera, a technology solutions provider with more than 15,000 accounts including the American Lung Association, the American Red Cross, Amnesty International, Bank of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and PBS.

In 2005, The United Methodist Church, a worldwide faith-based organization, hired Hot Studio to redesign its official online ministry website, UMC.org. The goal was to create a single online hub that would serve the needs of church members, church leaders, seekers, and lay leaders. It also needed to visually communicate the spiritual vocabulary of the church without alienating users, as well as communicate that the church was international without relying on stereotypical cultural imagery.

After extensive research, including interviews of more than 150 users and stakeholders, Hot Studio created a strategic approach that radically repositioned the website as an integral part of members´ lives. Hot Studio then worked closely with United Methodist Communications to establish an inviting, spiritual, and modern looking visual design system, focusing on lifestyle photography of active participants of faith in real life.

“This project gave us an unusual level of access to real people at all levels of the Church—from visitors to members to staff, from local churches to national support agencies,” said Jon Littell, Director of User Experience at Hot Studio. “It was inspiring to witness people's commitment to living their faith in real life, and then to make this experience come alive online.”

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