Aug 17, 2011

Sarah Brooks is Blogging for Shareable!

For Sarah Brooks, Hot’s Director of Social Innovation, working to change the world for the better is something of a life’s calling. From an early age she was working on grassroots campaigns for social causes and, through art, exploring the power of words and images to tell stories that create emotional connections and expand people’s perspectives.

She’s carried that passion through to her work as an experience designer, where she’s been exploring how people-centered design can create products and services that solve complex problems and improve people's lives. And now, she’s using a new medium to help spread change: writing.

Starting in August with a two-part interview with sustainability expert Ezio Manzini, Sarah will be writing a monthly column on Shareable, a nonprofit website that looks at the “people, places, and projects bringing a shareable world to life.”

“The column’s called ‘Shareable by Design,’” says Sarah. “The idea is to highlight designers, design systems, products, services, and community-based initiatives that make for a more open, shareable world.”

She also plans to crowdsource ideas from the Shareable community.

What exactly does a “shareable world” mean, though?

For Sarah, it’s about “exploring the ways that peer-to-peer production, collaborative technology platforms, DIY culture, and other services can reduce the need for individual and collective consumption and help us do more with less.”

Sarah says she’s happy to have another outlet to inspire and promote good design and social entrepreneurship. “It’s a great challenge, and a great opportunity.”

Don't miss Sarah's next article. In September she'll be interviewing Cheryl Heller, Board Chair at Pop!Tech and Chair of the MFA Design for Social Innovation program at SVA, launching 2012.

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