Jan 27, 2009

Our Web 2.0 President


I'm just blown away with how Obama continues to use the web to communicate directly with The American People (me and you).

First he used the web to mobilize people during the campaign. And it helped him win.

Then he had change.gov to communicate with us during the transition. Then this morning, while listening to the Presidential Podcast on my commute (yes, I'm a subscriber), he announced a new site, recovery.gov, where people can go to get up-to-date information on how the government is helping us climb out of the mess we're in with the economy. There's just a placeholder page up now which says, "Check back after the passage of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act to see how and where your tax dollars are being spent."

As a citizen, a constituent, there's something incredibly liberating to me about the ability to go directly to the source to find out what the President has to say, rather than going to CNN or NPR or reading some reporter's interpretation. And there's something uniquely appealing about the two-way nature of communication on the web.

This must be what it was like at the beginning of the Reformation when the Protestants said people could have direct contact with God. They didn't need priests to communicate with Him. Who needs Chris Matthews or Anderson Cooper? I've got Barack Obama on my iPhone.

So he proved you can mobilize people online to win a campaign. But can you really use the web to mobilize people to govern the country? We're going to find out.

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Robert's picture

his 'communication' may be good, too bad his plans suck.

Katrina's picture

This looks fascinating, CT. Thanks for sharing!

CiannaT's picture

Based on Obama's campaign site, I certainly had high expectations for the new White House webpage design. I agree that Obama's campaign site really delivered on his objective of building, maintaining, and supporting an army of Obama volunteers. We did a blog post that takes a deeper look into how and why Obama really whacked McCain on the web, you might find it interesting.



Josh Damon Williams's picture

If he wants to get seriously Web2.0, maybe he'll set up a White House account on GetSatisfaction.com.

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