Aug 09, 2011

Leadership Team Bolstered by Two of Our Best

Chris Jones's picture
Chris Jones
Principal, Strategy & Engineering

We’re very happy to introduce the two newest members of Hot’s leadership team, Dan Harrelson and Dani Malik. Both have been key team members at Hot studio, and have demonstrated leadership and innovation in their respective disciplines.

Dan Harrelson, previously Director of Technology at Hot Studio, has been promoted to Executive Director of Technology. In this capacity Dan, along with Principal Chris Jones, will help guide a rapidly expanding technology group that has more than tripled in size over the past 18 months.

“Hot’s growth in technology has been phenomenal, and adding experienced leaders will be key to our strategy going forward,” says Chris.

“In addition to being able to deliver complete multi-platform experiences, we’d like to help our clients make smart decisions about technology. There’s so much opportunity to innovate—but you need to be efficient while you do it. We provide perspective in those early conversations.” 

A veteran technologist and interaction designer with nearly 15 years of experience, Dan has worked at or for Adaptive Path, Extractable, Nortel Networks, Mozilla, Visa and HTC. 

Dani Malik, previously Director of User Experience at Hot, assumes the role of Executive Director of User Experience. As Executive Director, Dani will be working to further develop this group of designers’ methods and practices.

“We take a really flexible approach to User Experience (UX) here at Hot,” Dani says. “Each project begins with opening our minds to help solve problems. We work with our clients to innovate and find the best solutions for them. Every engagement is an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward to adding new perspective and tools to our process.”

Dani’s decade-long UX career encompasses stints as a consultant specializing in guerilla design for startups, and as a designer in a software consultancy focusing on the then-nascent space of “rich Internet applications.” She’s led project teams of designers and engineers for clients such as Blurb, and Eaton Vance, to name a few.

Want to know more about what Dan and Dani will be up to at Hot? Be sure to leave a note or ask a question in the comments.

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