Aug 08, 2012

Hot Honored for Loving Babies (and Boobs)

Hot Studio was one of six companies to receive the Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Award from the California Breastfeeding Coalition (CBC) in 2012. Every year the CBC recognizes employers with outstanding worksite support for breastfeeding employees.

The six recipients this year were as diverse as our state. They included the Southern California region of Kaiser Permanente, the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, Reiter Berry Farms and Affiliates, the Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc., and... Hot Studio!

Hot’s Babies at Work program, which contributed to our winning this award, formalized something the company always did: welcome people—and that includes babies and kids—into the office. The policy allows new parents to bring their babies to work until they are 8 months old or crawling, whichever comes first. Co-workers volunteer to help as needed when the parent needs to be hands-on for work.

Margot Merrill Fernandez, who accepted the award on behalf of Hot Studio in Sacramento on August 1, said, “Hot supported me through two pregnancies and maternity leaves. I received extra support the first few months back at work. And Hot’s Babies at Work program made it much easier. I knew when I needed to bring my baby, she was not only welcome—she was extra-loved. Actually, it just seemed like I wasn’t bringing her enough! People wanted more baby.”

“We are honored to receive this award, and to help spread the word about the benefits of supporting new parents in the workplace,” said Maria Giudice, CEO and Founder of Hot Studio. “But in the future, I hope there’s no need for an award for supporting breastfeeding. It should be a given!

“As a modern business, especially one with so many women leaders, we need to support the realities of parenting today. In many cases, both parents work and take care of children. We need to support the whole family in the workplace, and welcome new parents—moms, dads, and partners—back. It’s good for everyone.”

Margot presents the award to Hot Studio, with her own clan in tow

Now, at Hot Studio, we’re just waiting for the next crop of babies to brighten our days. They say it’s in the water here...

To learn more and help support breastfeeding education in your company or community visit

If your company is interested in setting up a Babies at Work Program, contact Carla Moquin at the Parenting in the Workplace Institute.


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