Jun 02, 2009

Hot Greens

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Peter Jacques
Office Manager / Video Producer

As facilities manager for Hot Studio, I get many suggestions for ways to operate more sustainably and reduce our impact on the planet. Often on Monday morning before I've even had my coffee. Ah, but that's just the way it works around here. It's part of our culture to be concerned with doing good, and we do it collaboratively. Hot has a sustainability committee that meets about every two months and always comes away with immediate next steps in the "greening" of Hot. Most of these ideas have to do with the physical environment at Hot, which is what I am responsible for (thank you!). As the committee deliberates more esoteric things—like figuring out our overall carbon footprint or Hot’s point of view on sustainable design practices—I make sure we are doing the most we can to be sustainable right here and now.


Our recycling bin is a 96-gallon blue monster on wheels, full to bulging by the time they pick it up each week. We now recycle 45% of our total waste.


We collect all biodegradable stuff such as food scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, and soiled paper towels, and the compost is picked up once a week just like the recycling. At a recent party, Hot recycled and composted nearly all of the waste produced because we used biodegradable plates, cups, and flatware. Hot has cut back on waste destined for the landfill by 60%.


We reuse everything we can; either a second time or continuously. We have our own dishes and flatware in our kitchen and wash them ourselves. Printing mistakes go into a scrap paper tray and are used in a dedicated black-and-white printer for non-crucial prints.

Buying Sustainable

Hot closes the loop by purchasing products and materials containing the highest post-consumer recycled content possible. Even our 12-foot-long conference table top is made of Richlite, a product made from super-compacted paper.

Other earth-friendly changes:

  • All detergents and cleaning products are biodegradable
  • All light bulbs are being replaced by CFL bulbs
  • Employees are asked to turn off power strips at night
  • Bottled water discontinued and a water filter installed
  • Bigger but fewer deliveries of office supplies
  • Installing auto light shut-off sensors in conference rooms

Hot is also a member of the Designers Accord, a global coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, and corporate leaders, working together to create positive environmental and social impact. By walking the talk, we spread these sustainable habits (for that’s all they really are) to our homes, our families, friends, neighbors and business partners.

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Great post Peter! (I promise to recycle the computer that I used to read your article)

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Peter, such a wonderful and inspiring post. I am so proud of the good work Hot Studio is doing to actively reduce our carbon footprint. Can we shoot for zero waste within the next few years?

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Peter! I love your picture!

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Great posting, Peter!
I won't forget your best nontoxic fruit fly trap in the world that made our office so pleasant.
I am so proud of being a part of green Hot.

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