May 16, 2011

Gartner Report Sees Gamification Becoming a Cornerstone for Innovators

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Josh Williams
Director, Product Strategy

There’s a new Gartner report that’s very hot and heavy on Gamification. They're expecting more than half of organizations responsible for innovation will be leveraging gamification in their processes by 2015. They see gamification as a means of breaking down problems into solvable chunks, quickly generating ideas, getting feedback quickly, and ending up with a compelling narrative for an innovative solution.

For example, the U.K.’s Department for Work and Pensions created an innovation game called Idea Street to decentralize innovation and generate ideas from its 120,000 people across the organization. Idea Street is a social collaboration platform with the addition of game mechanics, including points, leader boards and a “buzz index.” Within the first 18 months, Idea Street had approximately 4,500 users and had generated 1,400 ideas, 63 of which had gone forward to implementation.

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