Mar 27, 2009 Launches Redesigned Website, the online presence for Dwell, launched its newly redesigned website, which has been greeted by enthusiastic response by its readers.

The new site was shaped by the idea that maximizing the capabilities of the Internet would extend Dwell’s audience. At a time when the future of major newspapers and magazines seems increasingly uncertain, it was critical for Dwell to establish a website that would ensure its growth. Since starting in San Francisco in 2000, Dwell has attracted a wide readership of architects, design enthusiasts, and people building or remodeling their home.

“Online sites offer unique opportunities for building community and facilitating two-way conversations between readers and a site,” said Hot Studio CEO Maria Giudice. “Given their loyal following, was in an excellent situation to make the most of those opportunities and serve a much larger audience.”

Through a highly collaborative process, Hot Studio crafted a user experience strategy that integrated Dwell's strong editorial content with community features. And we expanded Dwell’s existing design resources to include a user-generated-content database and a faceted search capability.

Hot Studio “guided us through a complex project with integrity and good humor,” said Associate Publisher Nancy Alonzo, “beginning with defining and honing our mission, message, and audience, and then translating those needs into a site architecture that has exceeded our expectations and given us a platform that we can grow and add to with confidence. I am pleased to say that Dwell as a company is embracing the new potential of as an important and powerful means to reach a wider audience—everyone is waiting with anticipation and brimming with new ideas that are now actually possible!”

Since the site's launch, Alonzo said, the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Site traffic has increased by 100 percent, and the average number of page visits has quadrupled.

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