Jan 16, 2009

Creating the Core Visual Identity for Smallaa

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Henrik Olsen
Principal, Executive Creative Director

Energetic new logo designed for SmallaaIn the Fall of '08 Hot Studio was introduced to entrepreneur Tim Lei as he prepared to launch his newest company, Smallaa.com. Tim was in the process of forming the business that now presents a website, and alert system, designed to efficiently deliver people the information they desire, as well as allows people to publish information to others. Tim come up with the name 'Smallaa'—because his intent was to create a site that would make the intranet "a bit smaller" for people attempting to track their interests on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hot Studio's challenge was to create a core visual identity that would embody the energy, engagement, coolness, and sophistication of the offering. Shown here is the result of this work.

Given the unique name of the company, and the need to build audience familiarity, the decision was made to go with a contemporary word-mark. While the designers did explore a variety of symbol designs, it simply did not make sense to draw focus away from reinforcing the new name.

The identity design team included four designers; Mark Fox, Angie Wang, Rico Peng, and myself. The final selected design was created by Mark, as it perfectly represented the qualities the Smallaa wants to embody. (Mark Fox is both a good friend of Hot Studio, as well as highly respected and well known, San Francisco based, graphic designer and teacher.)

Concurrent to the identity design work, Hot Studio has also been creating the visual user interface for Smallaa.com, a full brand visual vocabulary system, as well as a base set of printed business collateral. Check back here over the next few weeks... we're going to be blogging a lot more about the progress of Smallaa.

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