Ten Things to Know About Experience Design

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Henrik Olsen
Principal, Executive Creative Director
AIGA Interactive Chats Hot Studio
Thursday, June 30, 2011 / 6:00pm - 7:45pm
Hot Studio

What do experience designers do? Who do they work with? What kind of things are they responsible for? What kinds of careers are there in experience design? Why is experience design a good career choice? How can you identify what type of project you are working on? How do you approach an experience design project? In this talk Aynne Valencia will give an overview with specific, practical information on the deliverables, terminology, practices, methodologies, process and principles of experience design for designing experiences in a multi-platform world.

Aynne Valencia is a design director possessing the unique skill set of consulting, design, advertising and product strategy. She specializes in new and next generation products work, R&D projects, planning, concepting, design and product strategy for new products and supporting services. Most recently Aynne was an Experience Design Lead for Cisco’s Consumer Products (Flip Camera). Her past experience includes: Digital Design Director at AKQA, Senior User Experience Design at Yahoo! and Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. Before turning her attention to product and service interaction design, she was an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She is an advocate for contextual, collaborative design and employs user-centric process methodologies. Her clients include: Visa, eBay, AOL, Nike, Bank of America, Wahovia Bank, Verizon, Microsoft and McDonalds.

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