San Francisco JavaScript Meetup

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Bill Fisher
Design Engineer
San Francisco JavaScript Meetup
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 / 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Hot Studio, San Francisco

In the first of a series of events bringing engineers together with visual and experience designers, Hot Studio is proud to present Paul Irish, lead developer of Modernizr, CSS3 Please, and HTML5 Boilerplate.

Paul will be speaking on the topic of The State of HTML5, Summer 2011. He will cover our current available feature set in HTML5, CSS3 and other other fun shiny toys. He'll discuss where we are with browser adoption and dig into the best ways to enhance user experiences through these features today. Paul will take a practical and cross-browser friendly approach that covers all browsers and reviews topics like feature detection, polyfills, and page performance.  

In addition, Matt Kelly from Zurb will present on Interaction Design Engineering for JavaScript, and Hot Studio's own Bill Fisher will present Getting the Native Feel: JavaScript for Mobile and Tablet Web Apps.

Hot Studio will co-present this event with the San Francisco JavaScript Meetup.

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