Once More, Hot Studio and SOCAP Partner Up

Sarah Brooks's picture
Sarah Brooks
Director, Social Innovation
Monday, October 1, 2012 - Thursday, October 4, 2012
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

For the second year in a row, Hot Studio is proudly partnering with SOCAP for its annual conference. To be held October 1-4, 2012, at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, SOCAP12 will be the largest global gathering of social entrepreneurs and impact investors working at the intersection money and meaning.

As design partner for SOCAP12, members of Hot Studio (along with a few friends of Hot) will be facilitating workshops centered on six of the conference’s key themes. Each workshop will bring together a group of supporting design facilitators, including practitioners from frog design, Collective Invention, Dossier Creative, Google.org, and others:

1. Blueprint to Scale — Led by Hot’s Laurel Tripp, this workshop addresses the recent Monitor report describing the need for philanthropic seed funding for social enterprises.
2. Gender Lens — Hot’s Tina Santiago looks at the experience of women investors and how their learning can translate across the field.
3. Rewriting the Term Sheet — Led by Eve Blossom, founder of Lulan, this workshop will examine how to keep a mission intact within an organization funded through impact investment.
4. Healthy Oceans — Led by Hot’s Dave Eresian, this workshop will examine ways of assessing biosphere (natural) resources in a fair and sustainable way.
5. Local Economies — Led by Fiona Hovendon from Collective Invention, this workshop looks at the tremendous innovation happening at the grassroots to support sustainable local economies.
6. Redesigning Finance — Led by Dani Malik, Principal of User Experience for Hot, this workshop takes a broad look at the challenges and opportunities for change in online financial services.

In addition, Sarah Brooks, Hot Studio’s Director of Social Innovation, and Patrice Martin, Co-lead of Ideo.org, will be teaming up to discuss their respective experiences working with international and homegrown social ventures and fostering new ways of working across the field of social enterprise.

Registration for SOCAP12 is still open. It promises to be an exceptional event, and we hope to see you there!

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