We love magazines and journals, just like Zinio. And like Zinio, we believe publications can thrive, finding new life in technologies beyond the Web. Since partnering with Zinio, the world’s largest online newsstand, we’ve been working in tandem, creating sustainable, compelling experiences for publishers and advertisers. Together, we plan on defining the future of publishing.

  • iPad Application v1

    Asked to help Zinio take advantage of the iPad’s new and unique technology, we led the experience design work on Zinio’s iPad app that was to showcase Zinio’s huge offerings. Working with the app development team we sketched a product roadmap, then rapidly designed and implemented a store, reader, and new types of content, all tailored to make the most of the iPad’s interactivity and enhance the experience.

  • iPad Application v2

    Version 1.0 introduced Zinio to the iPad. Version 2.0 features a much richer visual design, new customization options, and a host of new social features that represent a fundamental rethinking of how magazine content can be shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The app also informed the look and functionality of Zinio’s app for Android tablets.

  • Content Builder

    We redesigned Zinio’s Web application, making it easier for magazines and advertisers to publish interactive content modules (audio, slideshows, video, etc.) that enrich the reader’s experience. We came up with innovative systems to make it happen, such as a Preview function that mimics the iPad experience on a PC. The new product allows magazines to redefine and rethink what they can do, and what they can be.

  • Business Center

    Zinio’s Business Center is another key innovation, providing consumer information heretofore unavailable to publishers in the digital realm, let alone print. The Business Center is anchored by an easy-to-use dashboard that makes complex production and sales data easily digestible and immediately available.

  • Hearst Concept Video

    With Zinio continuing to reach out to publishers, Hot has also begun to help craft the message and delivery of Zinio’s key value propositions. A key project in this regard was the Hearst AppLab concept video, which helped demonstrate Zinio could help Hearst Magazines—whose circulation reaches more than 73 million adults, with 14 U.S. titles and nearly 200 international editions—set trends in the technology space, rather than following them.