When a premier modern and contemporary art museum wants to collaborate on creating the best experience for visitors from near and far, you jump at the chance. Our experience design work furthered the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s goal of opening up its collection and raising awareness of its mission. We’ve reaped awards from our multi-year partnership with SFMOMA, in addition to it simply being rewarding.

  • Website Redesign

    We broke new terrain with SFMOMA’s website and won industry awards because of it. The site provides relevant information useful when visiting the museum, plus information about the institution itself. It also serves as an interactive online gallery. Users have the opportunity to appreciate artwork from the museum’s vast collection they may not have experienced otherwise.

  • Store


  • Newsletter

    How to extend the experience we created for the website? One way was to redesign the museum’s newsletter. We came up with a clean, beautifully designed template for the email newsletter, one that echoed the redesign of the museum’s website. The template immediately gives SFMOMA more flexibility than it had in the past for creating content (such as graphics), and it provides a solid framework for a more robust product in the near future.