We want people to appreciate and understand the world we live in, and we believe superior interactive experiences play a huge part. (We even jointly talk to audiences about our work together.) The Academy represents the type of invaluable cultural institution with whom we’re proud to have a lasting partnership.

  • Cal Academy Website Redesign

    As the Academy was planning to move its collections and exhibits into its stunning new building, slated to open in 2008, it needed a website to communicate this awesome transformation. Together we designed a site that would do that, and we created an experience that reflects the Academy’s mission: to inspire appreciation, wonder, and conservation of the natural world.

  • Teachers' Section

    We collaborated with the Academy’s own education group, helping them create a design that echoed the main site but served the unique needs of educators. The ability to schedule field trips, access lesson plans and kits, and participate in teaching workshops are among the unique interactive experiences offered here.

  • Researchers' Section

    Beyond its stunning exhibits, the Academy hosts many world-class scientists doing vital work in a wide range of fields. Collaborating with Academy researchers, we helped create a site that brings research to life and allows these scientists to easily share their work and other important information with their peers.