We share a common love of photography and typography and a firm belief that good design can empower people. We both embrace collaborative and iterative design and development processes. Throw in the fact both companies are led by visionary female founders and our offices are nearby, and you have the makings of a beautiful partnership.

  • Bookify Application

    Blurb asked us to collaborate on a Rich Internet Application for their website. We created a book-making experience that’s fun and easy, and complements Blurb’s popular BookSmart app. Now even more people can take part in the joy of creating custom photobooks books of their own.

  • UX Redesign

    To make the most of Bookify, we worked with Blurb on a strategy to best position the new application within their existing product suite. We paid special attention to how Bookify would work with Blurb’s other offerings, and how to appealingly present the RIA on the marketing site.